Automatic 3-Side-Seal Bag Making Machine
Application & Materials
  • Sealable laminated film, thickness 40-150μ
Main Drive & Feeding Motor
  • Main drive servo motor with driver provide accurate sealing time control, suitable for constant sealing time control system.
Feeding Motor
  • Equipped with two sets of servo motors and drivers, which can raise the production speed and provide accurate bag length control.
Unwinding Section
  • Horizontal type unwind stand / Swing-out/Lift-up type mechanical shaft with 3" adapters makes loading and unloading more convenient.
  • Equipped with Automatic Tension Controller (diameter calculating type), provide constant and stable web tension control.
  • Equipped with Line/Edge Position Controller (LPC), provide accurate bag sealing and trimming position.
  • Upgraded dancer-roller provides stable tension for films before entering the bag making section.
Bag Making
  • Four-lanes operation for making 3-side-seal bags.
  • Longitudinal double sealing device and cooling devices provides each sealing area could be sealed twice by different sealing temperature. Suitable for high-speed production and ensure the bag sealing quality.
  • Equipped with skip operation system, the maximum bag-length could be extended. (skip-times: as request).
  • Equipped with automatic lift-up mechanism to lift up the upper sealing stands and bars to avoid overheating the material when the machine stops.
  • The design of safety cutter provides extra safety for the operator.
  • Equipped with covered bearing, which is unnecessary for lubrication, prolong the parts life and makes maintenance easier, faster and cleaner.
Computer Control Operation with Touch-Screen
  • Maintain a constant sealing time, which may largely reduce test-run scraps. When the machine speed is changed, it is not necessary to adjust temperature of the heater.
  • Touch-screen makes operation easier and faster.
  • Built-in Sealing Temperature Controller.
  • Auto alarm/Stop available for abnormal condition.
  • Alarm messages are displayed on the screen.
  • Modem interface available for remote maintenance.
  • Operation and maintenance procedures and parameters are memorized in the computer control system for easy setup or review.
  • Data base for saving 100 sets of working parameters.
Optional Accessories
  • Unwind 3"/6" airshaft.
  • Hydraulic loading device (in unwind section)
  • 6" air chuck
  • Vertical/horizontal 2nd unwind stand
  • Various puncher
  • Conveyer
  • Round corner cutter
  • Trim rewinder
  • Bottom symmetrical folding stand
Model No. ABM-54S ABM-64S ABM-74S
Max. Parent Web Width 400 ~ 1000 mm 400 ~ 1200 mm 400 ~ 1400 mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter 650 / 800 mm 650 / 800 mm 650 / 800 mm
Max. Bag Width 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm
Max. Bag Length 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm
Max. Machine Speed 180 Cuts / min. 180 Cuts / min. 180 Cuts / min.
Installation information
(Standard specificatio)
Net weight 4700 kg 4800 kg 5000 kg
Area required L 12141 x W 5229 x H 1795 (mm) L 12462 x W 5149 x H 1980 (mm) L 12550 x W 5620 x H 2195 (mm)
Power 380V /31KW / 65A 380V / 33KW / 67A 380V / 35KW / 69A
Water 15 - 20 ℃ 15 - 20 ℃ 15 - 20 ℃
Air 6 kg / cm3 6 kg / cm3 6 kg / cm3