3-Side-Seal / Stand-Up / Zipper and 4-Border-Seal Bag from One Web / Separate Webs
  • Sealable laminated film, thickness 40-200μ for standup pouch, 80-200μ for standup/zipper pouches.
  • Standup pouches from one roll can be made in 1 lane.
  • Standup pouches from 3 rolls can be made in 2 lane.
  • 4 border seal pouches can be made in 1 lane.
  • Adjustable bottom gusset forming device for accurate position stability.
  • LPC to provide edge guiding for accurate sealing and trimming.
  • Totaling 4 servo motors to ensure top sealing quality and high production performance.
  • Skip function to produce extra long bags.
  • Touch screen make operation easier and faster.
Model No. AFM-64SPZ
Max. Parent Web Width 400 ~ 1200 mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter 800 mm
Machine Speed 180 Cuts / min. 
Installation Information
(for standard specification)
Net Weight 6800 kg
Area Required L1387 x W3621 x H2145 (mm)
Power 380V / 42KW / 64A
Water 15 - 20 ℃
Air 6 kg / cm3
Various Punching Tools
Euro-slot Curve-slot Butterfly Slot
Hexagonal Round Star Kidney