Sealing Machine
Manual Valve Sealing Machine
  • Pre-made pouches with multi layers of polyester and sealant with or without aluminum foil good for large or small size of valves available in the market. E.g. Pacific Bag, Goglio, Wipf.
Sealing Section
  • Pneumatic valve sealing and punching tool.
  • Adjusted according to customer different bag types.
Model No. VI Series
Min. Bag Size 80 mm width with 25 mm side gusset
Type of Valve Width 22 mm, thickness 3.85 mm
Max. Valve Distance from Open End of The Pouch 185 mm
Min. Valve Distance from Side Edges of The Pouch 40 mm
Valve Punching and Sealing Tool As request
Max. Machine Speed Depends on material and operator