Center Seal / Fin Seal / Four Border Seal Bags with Gussets
  • Sealable laminated Film, thickness 40-150 µ.
  • 2-step film folding devices to ensure accurate and stable bag dimensions.
  • Double sealing and cooling devices to ensure top sealing quality at high speed.
  • Constant sealing time to reduce time for quick setup and waste.
  • 3” airshaft in unwind.
  • Skip operation.
  • Edge position control (EPC).
  • Paper strip feeding device.

Standard Series

Model No. ACM-43
Max. Parent Web Width 820 mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter 600 mm (Each side)
Center-Seal Bag Width 50 ~ 400 mm
Gusset-Seal Bag Length 50 ~ 300 mm
4-Border-Seal Bag Width N / A
Max. Gusset Depth 25 ~ 60 mm (Each side)
Machine Speed 180 Cuts / min.
Installation Information
(For Standard Specification)
Net Weight 3400 kg
Area Required L8700 x W2700 x H2200 (mm)
Power 380V / 15KW / 287A
Water 15 - 20 ℃
Air 6 kg / cm3
Various Punching Tools
Euro-slot Curve-slot Butterfly Slot Hexagonal Round Kidney