Side-seal-tube / Gusset side-seal-tube Bag Machine
  • Sealable plastic film / paper or tyvec.
  • The unwind section is the same as the AMM-DS.
  • AMM-RU can make two kinds of bag-tubes: side-seal-tube and Gusset side-seal-tube.
  • Side sealed tube can made by 6-lanes operation within maximum parent-web width.
  • Gusset side sealed tube can be made by 1-lane operation within maximum parent-web width.
  • Equipped with automatic lift-up mechanism to lift up the upper sealing stands / bars to avoid overheating the material when the machine stops.
Model No. AMM-82RU
Max. Parent Web Width 800 mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter 700 mm
Unwind Core Inner Diameter 3”
Bag-Tube Width Range 50 ~ 600 mm
Bag-Tube Width Length 200 mm
Max. Gusset Depth 50 mm (Each Side)
Max. Machine Speed 30 M / min.